A free and simple framework to name your next project, startup or business.

A quick exercise

Following this framework you can come up with a name in 60 minutes or less.

Worksheet included

In the guide you'll find a link to a worksheet you can use to document each step.

Free to use!

This naming framework is totally free to use for anyone! Why?
Why not?

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Hi! I'm Bram Kanstein 👋 Building useful things that bring value to (aspiring) entrepreneurs and makers is what I love to do.

This naming framework is part of my course No-Code MVP, where I teach people the mindset, process and tools they can use to rapidly build and validate their startup ideas, without knowing or learning how to code.

I decided to share this framework for free to support the community. If you want to learn more about my course just click the button below, or tweet me @bramk!

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